Three Short Pieces for String Quartet

I. - Allegretto

II. - Andante

III. - Rondo. Allegro

This was the first of two pieces I wrote in the composition class I took sophomore year, and was the first piece I wrote that was performed by other people (the Quartet Salonnières, in a reading session on November 7th, 2022). I am fond of it, and am really happy with how the recordings turned out given that the performers were sight-reading. I was playing Jacques Ibert's Trois Pièces Brèves in a chamber music group at the time, which was the inspiration for the title and movement structure. The music is faux-Classical in style; the movements follow a typical fast-slow-fast pattern and are unified by the prevalence of glissandi.

Below is the (pretty yucky) MuseScore sample library rendition.