Suggestions of Three Glass Objects for Percussion Ensemble

I. - Falling Upwards, Through a Barrier

II. - Lifting the Lid of a Music Box; Three Figurines

III. - Lens Dance

This was the second of two pieces I wrote in the composition class I took sophomore year. I bought a one-year Sibelius subscription (big step!) to write it, since MuseScore's percussion sample library was a lot more limited than Sibelius's. I learned a lot in writing it -- the parts are sometimes less than idiomatic and difficult to coordinate, which made sight-reading hard. I've tried to be more aware of instrument/player capabilities in the music I've written since. There is a cool nested structure where the 2nd movement is foreshadowed in the 1st (via glockenspiel accompanied by marimba), and the 3rd is foreshadowed in the 2nd (via vibraphone accompanied by marimba).

Below is the Sibelius sample library rendition, which might give you a better idea of how the piece is meant to sound.