Locke's Deal (In Brief)

Locke's Deal (In Full)

I was born in 2004 in Chicago, IL. In 2006, shortly before my younger sister was born, my family moved to Villa Ridge, MO. We moved again to St. Louis, MO (which I consider my hometown) in 2010. There, I attended SLLIS, a language immersion school where classes were taught in Spanish, through 5th grade. I can still understand written Spanish pretty well, but I've lost a lot of the vocabulary I had then, so speaking it is pretty tough. Around this time, I started programming in Scratch, making games and animations.

For middle school, I attended McKinley CLA. There, I started playing clarinet in the school band, and was soon taking lessons and playing in recitals. For high school, I went to Metro Academic and Classical, where I completed an International Baccalaureate diploma. I also continued playing clarinet (participating in various honor bands and festivals, and eventually a youth orchestra) and programming for fun.

Now, I'm a junior at Williams College in Massachusetts. I'm doing a double major in music and computer science. On campus, I regularly perform in the Berkshire Symphony, various chamber music groups, and with I/O New Music. I've also played in pit bands for musicals, pit orchestras for operas, and in basements -- think pits under houses -- for college students. I work in the scene shop in the '62 Center, building sets and hanging lights. I've taught two classes to my peers that were ostensibly about food and drink: Aqueous Gastronomy and Extraterrestrial Gastronomy. In my spare time, I enjoy building instruments, doing crosswords, cooking, reading books, watching movies, and writing, playing, and listening to music. For an in-depth look at my taste, click here.

My main goals in life are to have a modestly-sized garden where I can grow herbs and vegetables and to spend a lot of time with people whom I love.

This Website

lockemeyer.com is my personal website. It is built using Zola with the anemone theme. Its chief purpose is to host things I've made that I think merit sharing with other people, but it also serves as a general repository for stuff I find funny or interesting. It is designed to contain hidden passages and secret treasures. Many thanks to my friend Satya Benson, whose open-source personal website helped me out a lot in the process of coding it up.

Locke in a big suit
Talking Heads cover band "The Talking Heads" perform at Coverchella 2022

Locke getting painted
my friend Clem finishing a portrait of me

Evil Locke at the Grand Canyon
at the Grand Canyon, my smuggest moment ever